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4. offer fire fighting and fire detection gear.

Where necessary the person that is responsible:

• Ensure that the premises have appropriate fire equipment that is fighting with fire detectors.
• Record, repair and protect fire safety equipment and any dilemmas inside the premises
• Ensure alarms and any fire-fighting that is non-automatic is readily available, user friendly and suggested by indications.
• Take measures for fire fighting in the premises and nominate responsible people to implement those measures.
• Ensure that the number of such people, their gear and their training open to them are adequate, considering the dimensions of, plus the hazards that are specific within the premises
• Arrange any necessary connections with outside crisis solutions, particularly as regards fire-fighting, rescue work and first-aid and emergency health care bills.

5. Keep all emergency exits clear.

All escape tracks must be held clear at all right times and any blockages eliminated straight away.
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What Is FIRE NOC or Fire Clarification Certificate?

FIRE NOC or clearance that is fire is a No Objection Certificate indicating that the building is made depending on the norms and regulations that a high-rise building will need to have to prevent any dangerous accidents. Its granted by the Fire department for the state that is respective the building construction. The Building authority pertains to the FIRE NOC ahead of the construction with enclosing the building plan that is appropriate. The building plan needs to have complete details, including framework, a design regarding the staircase, electrical power, lift design, available area, Fire exit, natural product, design and also it should have provision for:

1. Fire safety measures, Fire extinguishers and Fire evacuation measures that will be included in the building.

2. Minimizing the intensity and spread of Fire inside the building and just about every other building.

3. Controlling the generation or spread of smoke to your extent that is possible.

4. The implementation of the unit that will identify the Fire and may warn the occupants or user.

5. Immediate usage of the product to control the rising Fire.

6. The style must be created by the architect that is registered.