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Background: Electronics designer and embedded software writer. Spent many years in the intruder alarm industry, currently working for a company supplying power control systems to the maritime and oil industry.

Skills: Programming and hardware design with embedded processors from 4 to 32 bit (those 4 bit ones are the work of the devil!), with an emphasis on crash resistance. Breaking things in a way that the designers hadn't even dreamed of.

Interests: Anything that involves technology, beer or explosives. Only legal ones, of course :)

Hackspace: Somewhere to meet like-minded people and do awesome stuff without getting complaints from the neighbours. Even leaving a desktop computer running overnight has been complained about before, the pinball machine is far worse.

Shares: I can supply all the toys needed for a fully equipped electronics workshop, including a 4 channel Tektronix digital oscilloscope. I also have a lot of hand and power tools, whatever you want to chop up I probably have something that will do it. I can also bring along a Turnigy Replikator and Ibox Nano 3D printer. A decent video projector can also be loaned for any special events that can make use of it. Oh, and a wide selection of dev kits for processors, FPGAs and more.

Other: Part time Viking[1], parties weddings and monastery raids catered for.