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While starter kits tend to work out expensive in the long run if you don't end up doing all the exercises or using all the bits, it's worth stocking up on a few basics. You'll get a lot for a tenner if you buy from China:

  • Breadboard - a couple of 400 hole boards but a few 170 and a 700 hole are always useful
  • Jumper leads - start with a pack of male-male but ultimately a bunch of male-female and female-female are handy too
  • Resistors - as a minimum get a pack of at least twenty each E12 range (12 values per decade from about 10R to at least 10M). One day you'll want E24 (24 values per decade) but not yet.

Armed with that lot you can buy a few sensors or displays and get started on some projects.


Remote temperature and humidity sensor

7-segment NTP clock

Basic RGB LED display