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These are links to Chinese sites that members have successfully bought popular items from.

As they say in adverts for financial products, past performance is no guide to future performance, so obviously your mileage may vary. By all means amend the entry here but don't blame the original poster if you have a bad experience.

Note that as listings expire and the sellers re-list them these links are likely to break but the important thing is the recommended supplier.


AliExpress: Advanced Tech,201527_1_71_72_73_74_75,0_0

AliExpress: All Electronics Mall,201527_1_71_72_73_74_75,0_0

AliExpress: All Electronics Trading Company,201527_1_71_72_73_74_75,0_0


AliExpress: Geek World

AliExpress: TUOZHAN

MAX7218 7-segment display

AliExpress: May's wholesale store

AliExpress: All Electronics Mall

DHT-22 Temperature Sensor

AliExpress: All Electronics Mall

GPS Module

AliExpress: SuTing Trading Co

LED torch


High voltage generator

You do NOT want to get bitten by this! BangGood:

Hidden Wifi camera kit

A complete battery powered wifi camera except for a housing. The camera itself is tiny and has a long flexible cable to the electronics making it easy to hide inside things. BangGood: